Time flies when you are having fun!

Its hard to believe that it’s been two month since I reported.

The weather did improve bat we have had nicer and longer summers in the past then we have had this year.

Oliver has been very busy with the book editing and the book Vita is now off to the “press” and converting to get it ready to e-book format.

As always that process is long and daunting for the writer because it has nothing to do with the creative side of the wrtiting process. But like with everything the fintuening and tweeking is improtant to get the best results for the reader and also make sure that the authors story/message is clear.

The nicest feeling ever is, when Oliver gets the first proof copy of the book that he just finished working on. It is such an amazing feeling to the full work, the actual book, the cover and the printed text and lay out. It was a happy day when we got the copy for Vita!

This is now the final book in the three book series “The Wind of Life”, Vita!!!!!!!!

It is easy to get something started but it is usually very hard to get it finished!

I am so happy for Oliver.