Finally! Sun!!!!

The creative mind could not get fast enough to the insurance agent and then from there to the garage and finally, the moment he has been waiting for since last November, the beloved RC51 zoomed of with its owner!

A little bit of freedom, happiness and a boost for the creative mind!

That’s what everyone needs, something they enjoy doing and have fun with, a.k.a. a hobby.

Book writing needs stimulation of the mind and everyone is getting their stimulation  from different experiences, Oliver loves to ride his motorcycle. Afterward he is tired but also he feels rejuvenated, has new ideas for his books, be it the Chantel’s Quest, Flyers series, The Blacksmith daughter or The Last Angel, when he feels good, ideas just keep on flooding into his mind.

For me as his behind the scene support, it is also nice to see Oliver when his eyes light up when he is on his RC51 or when he comes home from a nice ride.


Book Launch

I forgot o mention the nice double Book Launch we had for “Chantel’s Quest for the Silver Leaf” and “The Wind of Life – “The Flyers” on the 23. February 2012 at the Lyceum: also called the Lyceum of Literature and Art. Even though this book lauch was quite different from the previous once we had, it was a nice and intimate atmosphere, relaxed and enjoyable for all.