Time Flies! – The Wind of Life

“The Wind of Life” not only is it the title of Oliver’s book series but I also feel that way because the wind of life is carrying us too quickly from one day to the next. Seeing that it has been a month since my last entry, I  guess that just shows how time flies and how busy we all are with our daily life’s. Everything has been going very well for Oliver, the book reviews for “The Wind of Life” have been coming in and feedback has been overwhelming and positive. Yes, you got your critics but as long as they are constructive and not destructive then I find it is ok. It is nice to see that the readers are really getting into his books and are happy to connect with the author (Oliver Neubert). From that perspective things have been going really well for Oliver.

Now talking about the gorgeous city Vancouver, BC, the only unfortunate thing this year so far has been the weather. The umbrella is a constant companion, if not, your chances of getting soaked are very high, in contrast to the daily low temperatures. But then there is always the promise of a better tomorrow!

Let’s see were “The Wind of Life” will carry us tomorrow!!!!!