This past week was exciting again, Oliver was invited to speak at UBC http://www.ubc.ca/  to students who study literature. Because as you can imagine talking to adult students about your book writing passion is a whole different dimension than talking to young children or teens.


Book Launch

I forgot o mention the nice double Book Launch we had for “Chantel’s Quest for the Silver Leaf” and “The Wind of Life – “The Flyers” on the 23. February 2012 at the Lyceum: www.christiannehayward.com also called the Lyceum of Literature and Art. Even though this book lauch was quite different from the previous once we had, it was a nice and intimate atmosphere, relaxed and enjoyable for all.

Today was another good day!

Sometimes Oliver will have no feeling of accomplishment, he will be working in a complete vacuum, because while he is writing there is no immediate success.

But then there are days like today and one of his books will be noticed. Today it was featured on the blog of Inspired Kathy: http://iamareadernotawriter.blogspot.com  and that made Oliver very happy and gave him a boost!  Kathy has a great book blog, you have to check it out. It is those things that will keep an author going along his journey of writing.

Mission statement for this Blog:


This is not Oliver but I am a daily observer. I wanted a blog, an author blog, but not any type of blog. So I decided to post “behind the scenes” information about the Author Oliver Neubert. This way you will find out what it is like living with an author, what Oliver is up to on a regular basis, when he is not writing and how he gets inspired.

Plus I am open to your questions and comments.  Enjoy!