Black Hole

There must be a Book “Black Hole” out there because it is amazing how often an author gets contacted and a book request is made with a desperate plea for his book.

Once the book is shipped this big “Black Hole” opens up and it reveals that there is two type of book pleaders:

Type one:  The recipient will e-mail right away and let the author know that the book is received. These are the once that are usually very grateful to get a free(!) copy of the authors book. Which is nice to see! Then from these readers there is only a few that will take the time engage with the author, write a review or give feedback. After all this is what the author lives and is looking for, feedback. Those readers are the once that will make an authors day! Those are the readers that will keep an emerging author  a sense of purpose for continuing his writing journey. Afterall the readers feedback is the authors only measure!

Then all of a sudden there is the big “Black Hole” that opens up and swallows the majority of books the author has mailed out upon the requests that have been made to him.

Type two:.The once you will never ever hear from again. (Not even that they received the book, that the author so willingly mailed to them, for free!)

What triggers such a plea request?

Me, as the observer and behind the scenes person, I find it mind-boggling and I am wondering what type of human psychology that is?

What are your experiences or thoughts on this?


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