Mission statement for this Blog:


This is not Oliver but I am a daily observer. I wanted a blog, an author blog, but not any type of blog. So I decided to post “behind the scenes” information about the Author Oliver Neubert. This way you will find out what it is like living with an author, what Oliver is up to on a regular basis, when he is not writing and how he gets inspired.

Plus I am open to your questions and comments.  Enjoy!


Time flies when you are having fun!

Its hard to believe that it’s been two month since I reported.

The weather did improve bat we have had nicer and longer summers in the past then we have had this year.

Oliver has been very busy with the book editing and the book Vita is now off to the “press” and converting to get it ready to e-book format.

As always that process is long and daunting for the writer because it has nothing to do with the creative side of the wrtiting process. But like with everything the fintuening and tweeking is improtant to get the best results for the reader and also make sure that the authors story/message is clear.

The nicest feeling ever is, when Oliver gets the first proof copy of the book that he just finished working on. It is such an amazing feeling to the full work, the actual book, the cover and the printed text and lay out. It was a happy day when we got the copy for Vita!

This is now the final book in the three book series “The Wind of Life”, Vita!!!!!!!!

It is easy to get something started but it is usually very hard to get it finished!

I am so happy for Oliver.

Vita – 3rd book in The Wind of Life series

When we plan we usually hope that thing will work out that way but unfortunately there is these unknown forces that take our live over and leave us very little control.The same has happened with the edit of the third book. But the good thing is that even though the book will be out later than we wished for, it is in the works and only good will come out of it! Don’t despair, Vita will be coming only a little bit later than hoped for.

On the  Vancouver weather front, it has been a little bit better not as wet. Things are looking dry more often than wet. But don’t quite put the umbrella away yet!

Time Flies! – The Wind of Life

“The Wind of Life” not only is it the title of Oliver’s book series but I also feel that way because the wind of life is carrying us too quickly from one day to the next. Seeing that it has been a month since my last entry, I  guess that just shows how time flies and how busy we all are with our daily life’s. Everything has been going very well for Oliver, the book reviews for “The Wind of Life” have been coming in and feedback has been overwhelming and positive. Yes, you got your critics but as long as they are constructive and not destructive then I find it is ok. It is nice to see that the readers are really getting into his books and are happy to connect with the author (Oliver Neubert). From that perspective things have been going really well for Oliver.

Now talking about the gorgeous city Vancouver, BC, the only unfortunate thing this year so far has been the weather. The umbrella is a constant companion, if not, your chances of getting soaked are very high, in contrast to the daily low temperatures. But then there is always the promise of a better tomorrow!

Let’s see were “The Wind of Life” will carry us tomorrow!!!!!

Finally! Sun!!!!

The creative mind could not get fast enough to the insurance agent and then from there to the garage and finally, the moment he has been waiting for since last November, the beloved RC51 zoomed of with its owner!

A little bit of freedom, happiness and a boost for the creative mind!

That’s what everyone needs, something they enjoy doing and have fun with, a.k.a. a hobby.

Book writing needs stimulation of the mind and everyone is getting their stimulation  from different experiences, Oliver loves to ride his motorcycle. Afterward he is tired but also he feels rejuvenated, has new ideas for his books, be it the Chantel’s Quest, Flyers series, The Blacksmith daughter or The Last Angel, when he feels good, ideas just keep on flooding into his mind.

For me as his behind the scene support, it is also nice to see Oliver when his eyes light up when he is on his RC51 or when he comes home from a nice ride.

Black Hole

There must be a Book “Black Hole” out there because it is amazing how often an author gets contacted and a book request is made with a desperate plea for his book.

Once the book is shipped this big “Black Hole” opens up and it reveals that there is two type of book pleaders:

Type one:  The recipient will e-mail right away and let the author know that the book is received. These are the once that are usually very grateful to get a free(!) copy of the authors book. Which is nice to see! Then from these readers there is only a few that will take the time engage with the author, write a review or give feedback. After all this is what the author lives and is looking for, feedback. Those readers are the once that will make an authors day! Those are the readers that will keep an emerging author  a sense of purpose for continuing his writing journey. Afterall the readers feedback is the authors only measure!

Then all of a sudden there is the big “Black Hole” that opens up and swallows the majority of books the author has mailed out upon the requests that have been made to him.

Type two:.The once you will never ever hear from again. (Not even that they received the book, that the author so willingly mailed to them, for free!)

What triggers such a plea request?

Me, as the observer and behind the scenes person, I find it mind-boggling and I am wondering what type of human psychology that is?

What are your experiences or thoughts on this?